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The Easy-to-Understand Guide to Buying a Smart TV

Technological advancements like smart TVs are exciting, but they can also make us feel, well, dumb. If you’re interested in leveling-up your television technology but need a primer on what all the features mean, read on to learn everything you need to know to purchase a smart TV. Image via Flickr/ Continue to original source.

Amazing TVs for Every Budget

As we enter 2020, expect a decade with more and more technology at your fingertips. Advances in everything from sound to picture to streaming capabilities means you have more options than ever when it comes to television selection. Learn more about the best brands on the market for your particular budget. Image via Flickr/Pictures of […]

Smart TV Deals to Fit Every Budget

If you’re considering investing in a Smart TV, chances are you’ve seen some frighteningly high price tags. Luckily, there are many options on the market today from both foreign and domestic manufacturers, and many of them have your budget in mind. Read on to learn more about ongoing smart TV deals. Image via Flickr/Joe Shaw […]

Low-Income Households May Qualify for Government Assistance with Internet Service Charges

In the digital age, internet access is crucial for everything from education to job hunting. If you’re having trouble affording basic internet service, there may be help available. Read on to learn about reduced cost options for low-income households. Image via Flickr/Pictures of Money Continue to original source.

Book a Room for Less

Here are the best tips to help you save money on your next hotel booking. Often, the cheapest way to book a room is through the actual hotel instead of the big box sites that allow you to search across multiple hotel chains. Hotel booking websites such as Expedia pay other websites a commission for […]

Fly on a Budget

Airfare cost can be scary sometimes. Keep reading to discover how you can master finding a cheap flight in 2020. If you are going to fly when everyone is flying, then your ticket is going to cost more. Try to be flexible with your dates. Fly off-season! Prices are also cheaper if you fly after […]